Tour of the Oumolat Security Printing Facility

Delegates are invited to tour the new state-of-the-art Oumolat Security Printing facility:

Thursday | 8 February 2018 from 13:00 - 16:00

Open to Central Bank Delegates only. 


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About Oumolat Security Printing

Oumolot Pre-and Post-Press Images

Oumolat Security Printing LLC. is a new banknote printing company in the United Arab Emirates, established in July 2016. The name Oumolat is a native Arabic word and literally translates into ‘currency’ and also reflects an element of 'Security Printing'. Oumolat Security Printing is the first of its kind in the region, located in the new KIZAD industrial zone in Abu Dhabi and is a specialised facility for printing banknotes, equipped with ultra-modern and fully integrated security and protection systems. 

The production equipment has been selected from the best global suppliers. All of the machines have the latest integrated technology for inspection and verification. The product is controlled through a fully automated storage system with a complete track-and-trace solution installed on all printing equipment. At Oumolat we leverage technology and process innovation to achieve flawless products and best-in-class services. In all our key processes we employ industry experts with significant experience in their respective fields. 

Located in the UAE and with proximity to the globally recognised airports of Dubai and Abu Dhabi as well as to world class sea ports, Oumolat is at easy reach for its customers and is an ideal site for shipping our special products by whatever method to its final destination. Oumolat strives to be a highly reputed and valued organization by the International Central Banking World in operating a profitable and successful security printing company and aspires to become the premium choice of Central Banks for any banknote related matters, including production, consultancy, planning of security upgrades to existing banknote designs, provision of conceptual design ideas and conceiving of new security features and concepts.