Planned Presentations

Overview of the Topics for Presentations 

Cash 20/20 Focusing on Trends in Cash & Payments Landscape

Planned topics include:

  • Cash and Payments in United Arab Emirates
  • Future of Cash in the Light of Emergence of FINTECH
  • Effects of Mobile Financial Services and Currency on the Growth of Economy
  • An important case study or event in the field of cash

Cash 20/20 Focusing on Optimization in the Cash Supply Chain

This involves all the stakeholders in the cash cycle including central banks, commercial banks, cash management companies and retailers.

Planned topics include:

  • End-to-End ATM Management
  • Staying Ahead of Evolving Cash Cycle through Forecasting and Optimization
  • Best Practice in Cash Processing and Recycling
  • Pooled ATMs and Shared Cash Centres

Cash 20/20 Focusing on Transformation of Customer Experience

The way commercial banks and retailers serve their customers is changing and this has changed the way cash services are delivered. 

Planned topics inlcude:

  • Innovation and Technology is Changing the Way Customers Interact with the Bank, Do Cash Services Matter?
  • Retail Cash Collection and Management
  • ATM and the Visually Impaired
  • Self-Service and Branch Automation

Cash 20/20 Focusing on Innovations in the Cash Cycle

Planned topics include:

  • The Evolving Cash Cycle in Saudi Arabia
  • Operating a New Fully Automated Cash Centre
  • A Country Cash Study on Any Significant Change in Its Cash Cycle
  • Digital Currency!

Post Seminar Symposium

Planned Topics Include: 

  •  Durability, Security and Machine Readability of a New Series Banknote - A Country’s Experience
  • Polymer for Low Denomination Banknote – A Country’s Experience
  • Future of Coin

Confirmed Plenary Presentations 

Cash and Payments in the United Arab Emirates
Younes Al Belooki | Assistant Manager/Head of the Currency Management Division, Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates
Hafid Oubrik | Payment Systems Manager, Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates

Optimization of the Cash Supply Chain through Technological Innovation and Integration
Manu Kataria | Director-Commercial Cash Services, Transguard Group

Saudi Vision 2030: What Role Will Cash Play
Sajid Khan, Global Head of Consulting | Vaultex
Mohamed Al-Afif, Managing Director and Co-Founder | Cash Solutions Company (CSCL)

Managing the Massive Issuance of Fresh Notes on Eid Occasions: An IT Solution
Zargham Khan | Assistant Director, Currency Management Department, State Bank of Pakistan

Beyond Cash - Managing Digital Transformation in Banking
Sylvia Nwakwue | Divisional Head, Transaction Services Lagos and South West, Guaranty Trust Bank (GT Bank)

Cash Operational Improvement Through Technology
Marius Potgieter | Chief Operations Officer, Saudi Financial Support Services Company (Sanid)

Future of Cash in Light of the Emergence of FINTECH
Gonzalo Santamaria | Vice President of Payments and Business Development, Currency Research

Effects of Global Trends on the Cash Cycle: How Digitalization and Automation Change our Industry!
Ferenc Szelenyi | Managing Director and Group Vice-President Middle-East and Africa, G+D Currency Technology

Confirmed Symposium Topics

Operational Readiness for Printing Banknotes in the Desert
Gavin Brogan | Chief Technical Officer, Emirates Investment Authority

Industry 4.0 Meets the Cash Cycle: From Banknote Architecture and Design, through Production to Processing
Presented by G+D Currency Technology

Thinking About Using Data to Optimise Your Cash Operations? This is Already Happening Around the World - Discover How
Sid Keyte | Head of Sales MEA, Cash Processing Solutions (CPS)