Planned Presentations

Planned Presentation Topics

Cash 20/20 Focusing on Trends in Cash & Payments Landscape

Suggested topics are:

  • Cash and Payments in United Arab Emirates
  • Future of Cash in the Light of Emergence of FINTECH
  • Effects of Mobile Financial Services and Currency on the Growth of Economy of Uganda
  • Cash Distribution in Nepal After the Disastrous Earthquake in 2015
  • An important case study or event in the field of cash

Cash 20/20 Focusing on Optimization in the Cash Supply Chain

This involves all the stakeholders in the cash cycle including central banks, commercial banks, cash management companies and retailers. Suggested topics are:

  • End-to-End ATM Management
  • Staying Ahead of Evolving Cash Cycle through Forecasting and Optimization
  • Best Practice in Cash Processing and Recycling
  • Pooled ATM
  • The Case for a Commercial Bank Cash Centre

Cash 20/20 Focusing on Transformation of Customer Experience

The way commercial banks and retailers serve their customers is changing and this has changed the way cash services are delivered. Suggested topics are:

  • Innovation and Technology is Changing the Way Customers Interact with the Bank, Does Cash Services Matter?
  • Retail Cash Collection and Management
  • ATM and the Visually Impaired
  • Self-Service and Branch Automation

Cash 20/20 Focusing on Innovations in the Cash Cycle

Suggested topics are:

  • The Evolving Cash Cycle in Saudi Arabia
  • Operating a New Fully Automated Cash Centre
  • A Country Cash Study on Any Significant Change in Its Cash Cycle
  • Digital Currency!

Planned Symposium Topics

  • Big Data in Cash Cycle Management 
  • Polymer for Low Denomination Banknote – A Country’s Experience
  • Development in Banknote Printing Technology in the Past 5 Years
  • Durability, Security and Machine Readability of a New Series Banknote – A Country’s Experience
  • Denomination Structure & Coin-Note Boundary for an Efficient Cash Cycle
  • The Intelligent Banknote