Post-Seminar Symposium on Currency Production

Currency Production - Where the Cash Cycle Begins
Thursday, 8 February 2018
09:00 - 13:00

Free to attend for any Middle East & Africa Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) delegate.

In response to popular demand, we are continuing to offer the Symposium on “Currency Production – Where the Cash Cycle Begins.” Currency Production encompasses security and durability consideration in design, level 1 through 3 security features, printing and issuance. Issuing Authorities must also factor in the cost vs. performance balance, while bearing in mind the transactional and store-value denominations as well as the risks posed by counterfeiting. This Symposium is free for all registered seminar delegates and interested delegates must indicate their preference to attend during their Seminar registration process.

There will be two sessions that will focus on currency design, printing, and issuance. All of these production factors will be discussed in terms of how they impact the cash cycle. The symposium will have presentation topics covering substrates and durability, new security features, latest printing technologies, and experiences in new series and re-design. 

Confirmed Presentations 

    Operational Readiness for Printing Banknotes in the Desert
    Presented by Gavin Brogan | Chief Technical Officer, Emirates Investment Authority | Oumolat Security Printing

    This presentation will provide an insight into the recent successful project developed by the Emirates Investment Authority for a new secure banknote printing facility (Oumolat Security Printing) in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The evolution of the project will be traced, from the concept idea to building a secure facility and going live in a very short period of time. The presentation will discuss the aims, objectives and challenges of developing a commercial facility within a new industrial area. The facility is the first of its kind in the Gulf Region, with a primary objective to service the Central Bank of the UAE. Shortly, its operations will enter into the global market.

    Industry 4.0 Meets the Cash Cycle: From Banknote Architecture and Design, through Production to Processing
    Presented by G+D Currency Technology

    Thinking About Using Data to Optimise Your Cash Operations? This is Already Happening Around the World - Discover How
    Presented by Sid Keyte, Head of Sales MEA | Cash Processing Solutions (CPS)

    Everyone is talking about data. Data is everywhere, but harnessing this data and turning it into something useful is key. For central banks, this means being able to accurately forecast future demand for cash, maximise the performance of banknotes in circulation, optimise future banknote design and specification and set the right clean note policy. This also means enabling central banks to independently check that their new banknotes, before being issued into circulation, are produced to the correct specification and quality levels. Discover how central banks across the world are already achieving this and how you too can optimise your cash cycle and reduce your cost of cash.

    Planned Presentations 

    • Durability, Security and Machine Readability of a New Series Banknote - A Country’s Experience
    • Polymer for Low Denomination Banknote – A Country’s Experience
    • Future of Coin