Currency Production Symposium

Currency Production - Where the Cash Cycle Begins
Thursday, 8 February 2018
09:00 - 13:00
Free to attend for any Middle East & Africa Cash Cycle Seminar (ICCOS) delegate.

In response to popular demand, we are continuing to offer the Symposium on “Currency Production – Where the Cash Cycle Begins.” Currency Production encompasses security and durability consideration in design, level 1 through 3 security features, printing and issuance. Issuing Authorities must also factor in the cost vs. performance balance, while bearing in mind the transactional and store-value denominations as well as the risks posed by counterfeiting. This Symposium is free for all registered seminar delegates and interested delegates must indicate their preference to attend during their Seminar registration process.

There will be two sessions that will focus on currency design, printing, and issuance. All of these production factors will be discussed in terms of how they impact the cash cycle. The symposium will have presentation topics covering substrates and durability, new security features, latest printing technologies, and experiences in new series and re-design. 

Confirmed Presentations Include: 

  • Big Data in Cash Cycle Management 
  • Polymer for Low Denomination Banknote – A Country’s Experience
  • Development in Banknote Printing Technology in the Past 5 Years
  • Durability, Security and Machine Readability of a New Series Banknote – A Country’s Experience
  • Denomination Structure & Coin-Note Boundary for an Efficient Cash Cycle
  • The Intelligent Banknote