Pre-Seminar Central Bank Summit

Please note that the Central Bank Summit is open to Central Bank Delegates ONLY, and space is limited. 

2018 Central Bank Summit Topic: Cash Circulation and Fraud Detection, moderated by Central Bank UAE

Among the central bank’s many key responsibilities is to maintain financial and monetary stability, establishing confidence in the national currency is essential when determining currency issuance strategy and policy. A core task of the Central Bank is to ensure the efficient issuance of high-quality banknotes and coins with the latest security features, to be steps ahead of counterfeiters and to ensure that cash is available at all times to meet public demand. 
Moderated by the CBUAE, the Central Bank Summit will examine topics relating to the central bank’s role in promoting efficient cash circulation and in preventing the counterfeiting of banknotes. Participants will discuss the life cycle of banknotes in circulation and the cycle of change in currency note issues. International perspectives on counterfeit prevention will be shared, with participating central bank representatives discussing new security features on both paper and polymer banknotes that best circumvent fraudulent activity. Perspectives and advice originating from suppliers on counterfeit prevention will also be shared.
Check back soon for more information on additional Summit topics.

The information below is related to the 2017 event in Nairobi Kenya, more information will be posted soon regarding the 2018 event.

Workshop on Common Currency

Led by Antti Heinonen, European Central Bank

The East African Community aims at widening and deepening co-operation and to this extent establish a Monetary Union. The preparation for the cash changeover is one of the areas where a monetary union has the longest lead time. This workshop will interactively consider the relevant issues from a cash department’s perspective. It will address the basic characteristics required from common banknotes, organization of their production and preparations for a successful issuance, and will also focus on measures which are indispensable after the cash changeover. The workshop will enlighten attendees on the various options available, best practices and lessons learnt.

Workshop on Contingency Planning

Led by Antti Heinonen, European Central Bank

By being the most important touch point for a central bank with its public, currency plays a key role in the reputation and perception of a central bank. Currency management has potentially high risks involving various external stakeholders and suppliers and being liable to natural disasters. This workshop will interactively consider the risk assessment, contingency planning and crisis management from a cash department’s point of view. Case studies highlight the steps to be taken, once the risks to business continuity have been identified.


Giesecke & Devrient

Workshop on Banknote Destruction – Balancing Security, Reliability and Cost Efficiency

80% of central banks around the world have of-line destruction processes in place – either fully or in combination with online destruction solutions. Thus, offline destruction is a substantial part of central bank cash operations and it is not going to become obsolete in the foreseeable future. Clearly, this process needs to be secure, well managed, transparent and cost efficient. How to make sure this is really the case? We will consider the end-to-end process starting from fit/unfit sorting, packaging, transport, shredding, to waste disposal and identify where the weakest links in the chain are in today’s process. The session will sketch a holistic and innovative approach to overcome these weakest links. Automation, digitalization and an integrated process will be the game-changers for our vision of secure and cost efficient offline banknote destruction solutions. Data will be presented to start the discussion and challenge some industry paradigms.



Workshop on Cash Cycle Infrastructure

What insights do global and regional trends in cash handling equipment provide? What do issuing authorities/central banks need to consider before making long-term investments in a new series, vaults and processing capacity? What is the potential role for commercial banks and Cash Management Companies in this evolving environment? Data will be presented to start the discussion and challenge some industry paradigms.

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