2018 Sponsor Breakout Meetings

Commercial Cash Processing: Entering New Dimensions

Operations within modern cash centers are based on reliable processing systems and optimized, interconnected workflows. Smart automation, standardization and digitalization induce increased efficiency throughout the cash cycle. This opens extensive new opportunities in increasing efficiency, realizing cost-savings and generally in making cash operations more economical.  At the same time, this trend also raises some new challenges. So, what is the future of the commercial cash center? Delegates will get an introduction to the recently launched BPS C2 and BPS M3.

End-to-End Cash Center Automation

The heart of cash processing – the authentication and sorting of cash – has reached a high level of automation with banknote processing equipment in use in a majority of central bank and commercial cash centers. At the same time, many other process steps are still very much manual processes.

However, the dependence on manual processes is changing as the entry hurdles for automation have decreased significantly over the past few years. Cash centers now take advantage of digitalization and automation and create more efficient and secure operations.

In this session G+D will provide insights on innovation and the latest technology in optimizing material and data flow, and how to approach digitalization and automation in a modular and customized way. Insights from customer projects will make the story even more tangible.


Turning Data into Information: An Independent Approach to Data Analysis

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In cash processing, data is gathered everywhere, from sorting machines, vault management software and even in the sorter servicing and maintenance process. During this session we will investigate how, through open architecture allowing optimum data collection and the use of Business Intelligence tools, you can maximise productivity, increase efficiency and maximise your investment.

Using Software to Increase Productivity, Stay Flexible and Maintain Control

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Cash processors are facing greater pressure to lower operating costs, retain and grow their customer base and seek new operating or service models to differentiate themselves from their competitors. These business pressures require a delicate balancing act between often conflicting internal goals. ECM™ ISA 7 provides a unique level of built-in flexibility that supports your business goals in harmony, delivering continuity of operations as your cash processing solutions evolve. This session will explore the ways in which software can help you to maximise productivity, improve your flexibility to win new business and maintain control and visibility throughout the process, by using ECM™ ISA 7 on the latest CPS sorting solutions.

The Integration of ADSURE® RFID Security Bag with Internet Applications Enables Real-Time, Locational Based, Track and Traceable Cash Management

Using the emerging technology of ADSURE® RFID security bags combined with online deposit management systems, we provide the highest level of security and tamper-evident features. Cash handling processes between commercial banks, CITs and retail chain stores are security sensitive and require the best automation and management. ADSURE® optimizes the cash management processes for improvements in efficiency, reliability, security and cost.

21st Century Cash Management Model

The cash universe is constantly changing, cash managers and companies handling cash aim to have a more prominent and strategic role in the supply chain.

Technology plays a big role in this ongoing transformation process, it even defines the framework in which companies nowadays must perform. Transtrack International has defined the 21st century cash management model that will guide and help cash management industry players on how to best cope with the new trends, including: new ways of integration and management of ATM, bank branch, cash center, transport and retail channels, contract and SLA management, strategic forecasting, optimization of services, and track & trace management of all services executed.

Leading the Way in Cash Services Transformation Within the Middle East, Through Strategic Technological Partnerships

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